Hebridean Sea Salt
Brand Refresh & Packaging

In a marketplace dogged by health concerns, the objective of this audacious newcomer (just two years old) was to increase sales ten fold in one year. A new design and branded packaging had a critical role in the growth of the brand, bringing alive the essential premium nature of the product.


Through the design alone (with no promotional or advertising support) the brand has achieved a 25 fold sales increase through listings in six major UK retailers and through exports to two key international markets in the US and China. The increased turnover has facilitated the expansion of the company, to increase production capacity by five times.


Become the premium Scottish sea salt brand of choice in the UK and ultimately break into the international market. Increase sales ten fold within a year. Increase production and add value by growing Hebridean Sea Salt's relevance and appeal through heightened recognition and awareness.


Bringing the source, provenance and product to life to tell the brand story, literally. Using a typographic illustration style to craft the essence of what makes Hebridean Sea Salt unique. The brand's narrative unfolds on the packaging resulting in a unique, contemporary and subtle expression of the brand.

Hebridean Sea Salt brand refresh and typographic packaging design across the product range
Hebridean Sea Salt brand refresh and typographic packaging design looks good in the kitchen as well as on the supermarket shelf

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