Clarion Group
Brand Creation

The coming together of two of the UK’s foremost housing associations, Affinity Sutton, and Circle Housing, required the naming and creation of a distinctive and dynamic new brand. This new organisation would be the UK’s largest housing group. To span the complex and sometimes contrasting drivers of the property sector, a family of three separate brands was required. 

Whilst the three new brands needed to speak to very different audiences, they were all underpinned by the singular thought of providing quality homes and support that would enable residents and communities to live positive and productive lives. To bring this purpose to life we developed a brand name, values and positioning, and visual & verbal identity for each of the three brands. All deriving from the concept of the home being a platform on which lives are built. 

We created a connected approach to the logo marks and wider visual identities to ensure that they worked both individually and collectively. Using a geometric hexagon shape that appears in many areas of nature and life, we created an ownable graphic language. The new brands were rolled out across Stationery, Launch Collateral, Online, Brand book, Office Interiors, Exhibition Spaces and a suite of comprehensive guidelines. 


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