Culture & Business Scotland
Brand Creation

Back in 2017, we were commissioned by Arts & Business Scotland to create a brand identity for their ‘Culture & Business Fund Scotland’ grant. And a success it was. Roll on 2023 and the A&BS brand had undergone a mini evolution to become ‘Culture & Business Scotland’ with an expanded focus on both Scotland’s arts and its cultural heritage. This brought a new challenge: the creation of two sub-brands – Culture & Business Fund Scotland and Culture & Business Marketplace Scotland. 


We chose to retain the typography from the original A&BS logo but reimagined the ampersand to create more focus on the two distinct sectors. The brand expression was updated to include a suite of overlapping graphic circles and rectangles to represent the ‘coming together’ of the two organisations from the culture and business sectors. The interplay of the circles encapsulates the overarching idea that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. 

We rolled the new brand out across all touchpoints from stationery, brochures and expo banners to emails and internal comms. We further consulted on the website design to ensure that full brand integrity was maintained. Our overall solution had to be fully prescriptive to ensure the in-house team could comfortably tackle all executions when the guidelines were delivered.


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