Jones Bootmaker
Brand Campaign

The famous Jones Bootmaker brand sought to launch a Spring/Summer campaign that would highlight its latest collection and communicate the brand's ethos and heritage. Our challenge was to craft a message that resonated with both loyal customers and its new audience to ensure it stood out in the highly competitive high fashion marketplace. 


We created the 'Keep Up' campaign, which drew inspiration from the phrase 'Keeping up with the Joneses'. This line cleverly played on the Jones name while conveying a message of fun, quality, and exclusivity. The highly stylised, vibrant imagery encapsulated the very essence of spring and summer. The campaign ran across all channels, including Tube and billboard advertising, magazines, digital assets and in-store merchandising.

The campaign was a resounding success, significantly enhancing Jones Bootmaker's brand visibility and appeal. It resulted in increased traffic both online and in physical stores. The campaign's playful messaging resonated well with consumers, leading to a notable uptick in sales of the featured collections. By seamlessly blending tradition with a fresh, fun outlook, we reinforced Jones Bootmaker's position as a leader in the footwear category, ensuring that indeed, only the Jones’s have fun. 



Art Direction



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