Brand Creation

Bridle Leasing was tired of being perceived as a traditional vehicle leasing company. To stand out from the crowd, the brand knew it must evolve to fully to reflect its dynamic, innovative and customer-centric approach. We were approached to initiate a comprehensive rebranding strategy. The cornerstone of this strategy was considering a name change from Bridle Leasing to a more memorable name that would properly encapsulate the essence of the brand's mission and vision. 


Following a series of workshops and and creative sessions we settled on a new brand name, Jurni. Short, sharp and memorable. The new brand name reflects a more personalised approach to its services and a more bespoke and unique experience (journey) for each customer. It is backed with the promise that every customer has access to any vehicle, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. The bold, lowercase wordmark is designed to communicate confidence and simplicity and aligns perfectly with the brand's new tone of voice.

The new Jurni brand has successfully repositioned the company as a forward-thinking leader in the vehicle leasing industry. The brand launch and roll-out included a complete new visual identity system, colour palette, typography and sub-brand integration, all designed to maintain consistency and reflect the new brand’s ethos. 


Brand Development

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