UPL is a global leader in crop solutions but mainly known in the subcontinent. Our task was to increase awareness of the UPL brand and promote the its ‘Reimagining sustainability’ positioning through its role as a major sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The campaign would be rolled out to a multicultural, diverse and multilingual audience and had to compete with other major brands on a worldwide stage. 

Working within the existing UPL brand guidelines, we gave the campaign a football twist. At the core of our strategic and visual approach, we created a moving graphic monoline that represented the continuous shared journey of sustainability. The monoline shaped into striking and relevant graphic themes that perfectly illustrated our football-led messaging to form a campaign which captured the essence of sustainability and football. 

A top-scoring campaign that perfectly blends sustainability with football, designed to catch the eye and give the UPL brand stand out to a global audience. The graphic approach allowed UPL to consistently deliver its story to diverse audiences across multiple touchpoints, keeping the sustainability topic front of mind across the event. The concept was adapted across a range of media, including video, animated pitch side branding, VIP and press box design, vehicle fleets, merchandise and print and digital ads. 

Art Direction

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